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EU missions

TRAMI Survey: Your opinion counts!

It has been for almost three years that the European Commission and relevant stakeholders have started the implementation of the EU missions (CANCER, CLIMATE ADAPTATION, SOIL, CLEAN WATER, CITIES). The implementation of the EU missions was a pioneering step and with its ambitious goals the missions will deliver concrete results by 2030.

After almost three years that the EU missions have been given high priority on the EU policy agenda it is now time to reflect: How have you been involved within the implementation of EU missions and what is your experience in the context of the EU missions in the period of 2021-2023?

You are invited to share with us your experience and bring in your expertise with the implementation of the EU missions! Even if you have already answered the questionnaire, a lot has certainly happened in the last months. We therefore ask you to focus on your most recent activities and opinions.

We therefore kindly ask you to participate (again) in the online survey.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete the survey and it can be paused at any time and continued later on. Please note: In order for your information to be taken into account in the questionnaire, we ask you to fill it out to the last page. As soon as you have completed the questionnaire, please click on the button "Complete questionnaire".

Please also forward this survey to your partners and to your wider network, to all those who may have experiences in the in EU Missions.


We greatly appreciate your valuable contributions and ask for your support and (repeated) participation in the survey!


If you have any questions in relation to the questionnaire and future publication of results, please contact

Access the suvey here